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The site is hosted by Patrick Internet.

All photographs were taken by Nick Edwards Photography and Bellanova Photography, unless otherwise credited.

Judgify supplies the awards submissions and judging management system.

Matt Taylor supplied the logo, and nearly all the graphics for RIG and RIGtrain.

RIG MD, Will Jackson, will be Chair of our wonderful Judges.

David Prest is overseeing the whole thing, and in particular acting as honorary Project Manager.

Kirsty McQuire will be recruiting presenters to give out the awards on our Gala Night.

Nicci Holliday is the Event Producer for the Gala Night, and Yvonne Macken found us the new venue and more.

This website was created and is maintained by Mike Hally, who also set up the Award pages on the Judgify website. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


*** Not yet a member of the Radio Independents Group? *** 
Click here to find out all about the trade body for independent radio production companies - and how to join!

If you have any questions please email team@audioproductionawards.co.uk
Any disputes will be resolved on the principle of Equity.  
The Judges's decision on the winners will be Final.

The Radio Independents Group is a company limited by guarantee, regd no 06527771.  RIG Events Ltd is regd no 06614180Both are registered in England & Wales, registered office: Unit 2 Olympic Court, Whitehills Business Park, Blackpool, Lancs FY4 5GU