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the Radio Independents Group


The Organisers in 2017


Nicci Holliday was the Project Manager and in particular the Event Producer for the Gala Night.

RIG MD, Will Jackson, was Chair of our wonderful Judges, who are all listed below.

David Prest oversaw the whole thing, and in particular acting as honorary Project Manager.

Matt Taylor created the logo, and nearly all the graphics for RIG and RIGtrain.

This website was created and is maintained by Mike Hally, who also set up the Award pages on the Judgify website. Mike's email is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

It is based on the Joomla! Content Management System, it uses a template created by Joomla51 and the site is hosted by Patrick Internet.  Judgify supplies the awards submissions and judging management system.

All photographs were taken by Nick Edwards Photography and Bellanova Photography, unless otherwise credited.

and our judges this year were:

Alix Fox

Andrew Glover

Andrew Wilkie

Ann Charles

Anthony Isaacs

Ben Stones

Camilla Byk

Carina Tillson

Carole Flemming

Caroline Crampton

Caroline Elliot

Caroline Rapheal

Catherine Mitchell

Chris Warburton

Dan McGrath

Dan Quick

Dave Cribb

Dave Walters

Deb Wilson

Dotty McLeod

Edward Adoo

Eliza Easton

Emma Britton

Felicity Finch

Fi Glover

Frank Sterling

Gareth Hydes

Gavin Collinson

Gloria Abramoff

Heather Davies 

Helen Grimes

Husain Husaini

James Keen

Jane Anderson

Jane Ray

Jason Phipps

Jim Hicks

Jo Abeyie

John Ryan

Kamlesh Purohit

Kamlesh Purohit 

Karen Pearson

Kate Cocker

Kit Bailey

Martin Spinelli

Marverine Cole

Matt Deegan

Matt Hill

Michelle Livesey

Micky Overman

Nicky Birch

Nicola Gilroy

Paul Jenner

Phil McGarvey

Rachael Naylor

Rachel Mallender

Ric Blaxill

Richard Shannon

Ruth Barnes

Sam Bailey

Sam Bonham

Simon Beale

Simon Lederman

Simon Pattern

Steve Ackerman

Steve Austins

Sue Clark

Susie Warhurst

Tamara Shilham

Tim Johns

Videl Barker

Xanthe Fuller